Project Description

Identity for All (I4A) is a project that aims to bring social identity education to rural high school students. Supported by the 2021 SUNY Geneseo Ambassadorship for Diversity, I am constructing a curriculum kit for high school teachers or community leaders that work directly with high school aged teenagers. This will be hosted on a website that also has resources for students, high school faculty and staff, and parents of high schoolers.

The target audience for the curriculum built for Identity for All are high school students, particularly those in rural communities. However, the target audience for the project itself is high school teachers and staff, as they are the ones who would be bringing this workshop series into their schools and taking the time to introduce social identity to their students.

In the future, growth of the project would allow for an expansion of target audiences for the curriculum to include high school faculty and staff and parents of high school students through cultural humility workshops.